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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Other lake monsters

 According to Heuvelmans, there are as many as nine types of animals involved in the compilation of his 358 "significant" reports. 

Logically speaking, Lake Monsters are less believable than monsters of the deep blue sea. Lakes are smaller bodies of water and therefore more difficult to hide in. Also, they are usually located in more frequented areas so it would be expected that conclusive evidence would have been produced by now, either by a hopeful tourist or a patient researcher.

Below is a list of places and names of the lake monsters (local name).

More info on each creature can be found on Monstropedia, the worldwide encyclopedia of monsters.




Loch Morar



Lough Ree (peista, piast)

Lough Fedda

Lough Nahooin



Lagerfljót Lake (Skrimsl, Lagerfljótsskrímslið)



Lake Sudal



Storsjö Lake (Necker)


North America

Lake Okanagan, British Columbia (Ogopogo or Naitaka)

Lake Champlain, Quebec (Champie)

Lake Memphrémagog, Quebec (Memphré)

Lake Manitoba, Canada

Chesapeake Bay, MD (Chessie)

Lake Payette, Idaho (Slimy Slim)



Lake Brosno (Brosnie)

Lake Khaly, Iakoutie-Sakha



Lake Ikeda (Issie)



Lake Van



Lake Hanas, Xinjiang



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